DJ Monica Suteu

Monica Suteu Farbe

I grew up in a musical family, where music was always present. I enjoyed an intensive musical education for many years, during which I first came into contact with tango. For quite a while, tango music accompanied me, before I started to learn to dance tango. Music continued to play a capital role even then. Its richness and complexity, in particular that of the Edad de Oro, mesmerizes me, as a dancer as well as at the DJ controls.

The right tango music sends my directly to the dancefloor, where I surrender to it. It fills me with emotion and joy, to notice on peoples' faces and in their dance that I can evoke the same spell with my selection.

I regularly play at traditional milongas and festivals around the world. From Berlin to Buenos Aires, I’ve been traveling and djing at local milongas, which I love for being an authentic mirror of the local tango community, as well as at long established and well loved festivals or marathons, with the glamour of a special event.