DJ Damian Boggio


Damián Boggio was born in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, and has been Tango DJ since 1999.

Between 2000 and 2010 he has been a resident TANGO DJ in the best milongas in Buenos Aires: SALÓN CANNING, LA NACIONAL, EL BESO, PORTEÑO Y BAILARÍN, CITA, LA NOCHE DE CARLOS GAVITO. This is how he learned from the historical “porteño” dancers, known as VIEJOS MILONGUEROS (Old Milongueros), who inspired him to develop an authentic Buenos Aires method, to make the tangueros of Argentina and the world dance.

Between 2006 and 2010, he organized his MINA MILONGA at the SALÓN CANNING, every Tuesday night, with the presentation of the best dancers and live orchestras.

Since 2004 he has been traveling to Europe, performing his unmistakable style of DJing at Festivals and Milongas. To date he has performed at tango events in Italy, Germany, UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Luxembourg and Holland.

In 2006 he began to organize training courses in European cities, in which many of today's best-known TANGO DJs have participated.

In 2008 he is the first in his profession to perform and give his lessons in different countries in Asia: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam.

In 2009 he founded his Orchestra LA TÍPICA MINA, with which he toured Italy. In 2011 the group returned to Europe, as a duo (piano and bandoneon).

His interest is to promote the original music of Tango and he did so on his EL DISCO ES CULTURA Tour, through Argentina, Europe and Asia. For this he used old vinyl records, which belonged to his parents and grandparents, and which he used, at the beginning of his career, in the distant 1999, in Buenos Aires.

For years he was the only one who performed exclusively with vinyl, taking them with him around the world, after more than 10 years of experience, in the milongas of Buenos Aires. This has inspired many TANGO DJs to do the same, thus reviving interest in the original sound of old records.

Since its reopening, in October 2021 until December 30, 2022, it was once again the TANGO DJ resident of the PARAKULTURAL, SALON CANNING, until the definitive closure of this historic milonga.

In 2010 he uploaded his first video to his YouTube channel (argentinatangodj). It currently has more than 180,000 subscribers and thousands of daily views.