ORQUESTA TÍPICA ANDARIEGA with Marisol Martinez, DJ Mauro da Lundo

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The orchestra is well known in the European milonga environment and has visited nations during the last years as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Greece. It has played in big tango festivals, cultural festivals, milongas and well known theatres all over Europe. The orchestra also made a tour in Chile (Festival Valparatango 2014) and played in other parts of Argentina (Junín, Tandil, América, Rosario, Salto and Venado Tuerto). Latest it had it´s first presentation in Asia in South Korea in October 2023.


The fact that the orchestra is "bailable" has been acknowledged recently through the competition "New Danceable Argentine Tango Music Competition in 2018” in Portland, US, where the composition of Luigi Coviello, 'Avanti', won.


In 2019 the orchestra was part of an ethnomusicological/ethno choreographic research in Graz, Austria, and selected as the most dansable orchestra out of 10 of the biggest tango orchestras of today. Also the innovative video clips made by the director of the orchestra, Luigi Coviello, has received recognition with a first prize for "Avanti" as "Best Video Clip" in El Festival y Mundial de Tango 2020.


The group was received the subsidy del Régimen de Concertación para la Actividad Musical de BA Música several times. Two of the albums, "Andiamo" and "Balliamo", have been considered suitable for receiving financing by El Régimen de Promoción Cultural (mecenazgo). In the 2023 the Andariega was among the three winners of  "Best Video Clip" in El Festival y Mundial de Tango with the videoclip "Canto de amor".


At the moment the orchestra is working on it´s 6 CD, which will be an album of only new composition including already known hits as "Este es el pueblo" y "Jacarandá". 


Double bass player and director: Luigi Coviello

Piano: Mariano Flores Gonzalez

Bandoneón: Stine Engen

Violin: Gonzalo Lesta

Singer: Marisol Martinez

Begin 8 p.m.

€ 34,- presale € 29,-