Gisela Natoli & Gustavo Rosas 14.6.-21.6.

14.6. Showtanz in der Tangobar
15. und 17.6. Workshops in der Tangohütte Fockygasse 29, 1120 Wien
Freitag 15.6. 18:00 – 19:30h Milonga Lisa y Traspié I (Variantes Musicales)
19:45 – 21:15h Tango: Giros, Lápices y Enrosques. Adornos para la Mujer
Sonntag 17.6. 18:- 19:30h Milonga Lisa y Traspie II (Variantes Musicales)
19:45 – 21:15h Vals: Desplazamiento. Cambios de dirección. Musicalidad
Kosten pro WS € 30,- 2 WS € 55,- 4 WS € 100,-
21.6. DJ Gus in der Tangobar

Gisela and Gustavo are a young couple who make an excellent combination of the Traditional Tango with the new elements (Tango Nuevo).Their versatility and sensuality in combination with the elegance, sympathy and plasticity give them a personal style. They explore different Styles of Tango with their personality.
Gisela Natoli is Master, Coreographer and Dancer of Tango with background in Classical and Modern Dance. She graduated from the Teatro Gral. San Martin (Taller de Danza Contemporanea). She took part as a Dancer in the famous „Contemporary Ballet of San Martin´s Theater“ (Buenos Aires) and later in the Company „Tangokinesis“, managed by Ana Maria Stekelman. She performed within Argentine and abroad (Mexico, Colombia, United States, Canada, Italy, France, Greece, Germany) and in many Tango Festivals.
Gustavo Rosas is Dancer, Coreographer and Master of Argentine Tango. He studied with Gloria and Eduardo, Carlos Gavito, Raul Bravo, Gustavo Naveira, among others. He performed as Argentinian Tango Master in The United States, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Luxemburgo, Holland,etc. He participated as a Dancer of Tango in: the International Congress of Tango Argentino C.I.T.A. (Argentina ), Paris Tango Festival (France), Nora’s Tango Week (USA), Brussels Tango Festival (Belgium), Buenos Aires Tango Festival (Argentine). He was part of the cast of the Tango Shows : ¨Tango Metrópolis¨,¨Tango Historias Breves¨,¨Tangos de la Cábala¨,¨Piazzolla Tango¨.etc. He also took part of the film ¨Vientos the cambio¨ and the TV series for the Spanish and American Television.