Soledad Chavez & Javier Marzello

Javier Marzello, Dancer, choreographer, and Argentine tango teacher
Discover tango as a “game”, at 8 years old in 1989, after participating in a tournament, the game starts to get serious, and the next 10 years, take all the classes you can with different professional and popular dancers of the era , as well as participating in shows and teaching classes.
In 2001, he began to be part of different shows in Buenos Aires,
Making presentations in theaters, notable bars, TV shows, and tango houses. Sharing the stage with outstanding tango figures such as: Alberto Podestá, Raúl Lavie, Rubén Juárez, Enrique Dumas, Atilio Stampone, Sexteto Mayor, José Colangelo, the Juan D ‘arienzo orchestra led by Maestro Lazzari, Hugo Marcel, Fernando Marzan, among others.
At the same time he is part of the cast in different companies, making presentations in bs as and neighboring countries (Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil) In the year 2007 he is choreographer and protagonist Amores del tango, (in clear homage to Mariano Mores) written and directed by Cecilia Milone, who after doing season in Mar del Plata, toured the interior of the country, more than a year.
SINCE 2005 He teaches classes, workshops and performances in different cities of America and Europe, as a guest at events and festivals.

Soledad Chaves, Dancer and Tango teacher
She began her training in tango dance in 1998. She graduated from ACETA (Academia de estilos de Tango argentino) where she studied with the old milongueros and the most prestigious dancers.
She began her career teaching as an assistant of Carlos Gavito, and then continued in the most prestigious academies as “Escuela Argentina de Tango”, “Fundación Tango Argentino” and “ Nueva Escuela Argentina de Tango”, as well as teaching seminars in recognized Milongas as “El Beso”, “Porteño y bailarin” and “Niño Bien”.
Champion of the 1st place of Contest Hugo del Carril 2002 and 5ft place in the Metropolitan Championship of BsAs 2007, both in category Tango salon.
As a dancer, she was part of the cast of the prestigious shows “La Manufactura Papelera” and “Cafe Tortoni” in BsAs.
Since 2005 she also has developed his artistic and teaching activity in Europe. In Buenos Aires she is currently a stable teacher of Milonga itinerante, La Veraniega, La Terracita and After Office.