Maria Filali & Daniel Carlsson

Maria Filali

Maria’s career path is grounded in her desire to built bridges between cultures and multiple forms of expression which inspire her. Raised abroad in several countries, she settled down in France at 18. In 1997, she discovered Argentine tango : it soon turned into her favourite mean of expression. Based in Paris, she followed the Christophe Lambert & Judith Elbaz tango cursus for several years, while taking every opportunity to learn with sound tango professionals and maestros in Paris and Buenos Aires.

Since 2000, she was invited to perform in international shows as well as artistic projects (the Gotan Project Tour, La Revancha del Tango, numerous performances with her tango stage partner Jorge Rodriguez, etc.) Apart from stage tango, Maria leads a successful Salon tango teaching and performing career in Europe, where she is recognized as one of the best tango technique teacher. Working with Mazen Kiwan from 2008 to 2010, she was a leading figure in several International Tango Festivals (Festivals of Varsovia, Beirut, Tangocamp 2009 & 2010…)

Along the years, Maria was asked to work with several tango dancers and teachers who seek her elegance, perfect technique and creativity : master-classes with Jean-Sébastien Rampazzi in Paris (2010-2011), dance residence in Buenos Aires with Germán Salvatierra in 2010, performance with Fausto Carpino along the Silencio Orchestra in Lyon in June 2010. She is currently working with Bruno Noël punctually in Paris, and collaborating with Daniel Carlsson (professional master-classes and workshops in France and Danmark).

Maria never missed a chance to allow the tango to meet with contemporary dance, performing arts, movie making, opera.. Her artistic personality is thus revealed by the show Fleur de Cactus (Cie C. Berbessou) in 2002, the Tango Mon Amour Opera (J. Romano / J. Zulueta) or the Tungetango show (P. A. Glovingen) in 2009. She directed the contemporary tango show À l’ombre d’une sieste,… Vertige (with Yannick Laval), and worked as a choreographer and tango dancing coach for the movie industry (e.g. Bellamy by Claude Chabrol, Coco Chanel by Christian Duguay).

In 2011-2012, she was invited to teach by “La Mariposa” (Italy) in which she officially entered as a member of the teaching crew, along with Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa, as well as Mariana Montes.

Daniel Carlsson

Daniel Carlsson is one of the most experienced tango teachers in Scandinavia and has been teaching and dancing tango for 13 years in 9 countires with his base in Öresund. Daniel’s tango is playful and this is something he wants to let others try.