Daniela Pucci und Luis Bianchi

Luis dances tango since 1994 and Daniela since 1999.They have worked together since 2006.

They teached and performed together throughout the U.S., in Canada, in several countries in Europe, in the Middle East, Brazil and Argentina.

Daniela and Luis are very passionate at teaching and in the past eight years they developed a very impressive curriculum.



Buenos Aires: Bootcamp at DNI Studios (2010), BA Immersion Seminar (offered yearly since 2011)

Festivals: Portland Valentango and Tangofest (2007), Boston Tango de los Muertos (2006), Princeton Tango Festival (2007, 2009, 2011), Festival Keralic (France, 2007, 2010), DC Tango Exchange (2006, 2007), NYC Tango Marathon (2007), Kansas City Stone Soup (2008), Stardust Weekend (Catskills, NY, 2007, 2009), Chicago Tango Week (2008), Toronto Tango Festival(2009, 2011), Festival Prayssac (2009), Festival Puente del Tango (Krakow, Poland, 2009, 2011), Ten Tribu Tango (Modena, Italy, 2009), Tucson Tango Festival (March 2010, March 2012, March 2013), Tango Live Festival (Vancouver, Canada, April 2010), Natural Tango Festival (Denver, October 2010), Albuquerque Tango Festival (October 2010), Los Angeles de Tango Festival (November 2010), Wuppertal Tango Sin Fin (November 2010), Tango Con Sharm Festival (Egypt, November 2011) Biezenmortel Festival (Netherlands, November 2011), Yale Tango Fest (April 2012), Chicago Milonguero Minifestival (April 2012), Kansas City Spring Fling (April 2012), La Rogaia Tango Holidays (September 2012), Dublin Tango Winter Festival (November 2012), Budapest Tango Infusion (December 2012), St Petersburg El Abrazo Festival (December 2012), Tango Touch Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands, May 2013), Phantastango Festival (Germany, July 2013), International Oberfranken Festival (Germany, August 2013), The International Partner Dance Intensive (New York, 2013), Irish Tango Masters Festival (Dublin, Ireland, September 2013), Festivalito de Conil (Spain, 2013), Padova Tango Festival (Italy, July 2014)

Workshops in

United States: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, Chicago, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Mendocino, Palo Alto, Eureka, Raleigh, Western MA, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, Albany, Asheville, Baltimore, Cleveland,
Columbus, Virginia Beach, Purdue University, Denver, Northwest Arkansas, Salt Lake City, Ann Arbor, Houston, New Orleans, El Paso, Hawaii, Buffalo, Rochester, among others.

Canada: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton.