Sayaka & Joscha

May 10th, 2022

Coming from highly individual backgrounds, we introduce a wide variety to the world of Argentine Tango – challenging the typical clichés, honoring the cultural heritage. Both of us have profoundly studied all styles and traditional approaches to Tango as well as various contemporary dance forms, latin ballroom, different musical instruments and martial arts. With a lot of experience, dedication and commitment, we bring a new understanding of movement into the world of tango.

Show & Performance – The Art of Encounter

In our performances we enjoy the beauty of pure improvisation, though for certain productions and research purposes we have developed various choreographies. In full consequence of our philosophy and movement method, we open ourselves to sharing our emotions being present, honest and receptive. We embody, what we share with the world. Through our dance we invite the audience to open their hearts and join us to perceive a way of humble and honest human encounter in motion.

Every performance will be different. Every moment is inspiration and interpretation. Our dance is interaction. It is emotion. Contact. Feeling. Communication through movement.

We connect to the sources of inspiration. Audience, music, ourselves, our partner – dance is what happens in the moment – the art of encounter in music – vulnerable and honest. Tango. Be part of it. We are looking forward to getting to know you!


Our teaching focuses to let you enjoy and profoundly develop a personal connection to the beauty of Argentine Tango. We work in a fusion of the newest health oriented body education, biomechanics from various moving arts and training methods with most actual insights of our own research on energy flows and body communication.

Our goal is for the dancers to feel good and to enjoy improvisation, musicality and equal communication in Tango. The methodology enables anybody to quickly learn, enjoy and improvise Argentine Tango in their own personal way. The students regularly report a strong improvement of body awareness and feeling with their partners, as well as an increase of energy through relaxation and a healthier body alignment.

In the international world of Argentine Tango, we are very grateful for the strong appreciation of our approach to dance. We receive invitations to teach seminars and workshops as well as perform our unique way of dancing Argentine Tango in communities and festivals all around the world.

Soledad Chavez & Javier Marzello

March 6th, 2019

Javier Marzello, Dancer, choreographer, and Argentine tango teacher
Discover tango as a “game”, at 8 years old in 1989, after participating in a tournament, the game starts to get serious, and the next 10 years, take all the classes you can with different professional and popular dancers of the era , as well as participating in shows and teaching classes.
In 2001, he began to be part of different shows in Buenos Aires,
Making presentations in theaters, notable bars, TV shows, and tango houses. Sharing the stage with outstanding tango figures such as: Alberto Podestá, Raúl Lavie, Rubén Juárez, Enrique Dumas, Atilio Stampone, Sexteto Mayor, José Colangelo, the Juan D ‘arienzo orchestra led by Maestro Lazzari, Hugo Marcel, Fernando Marzan, among others.
At the same time he is part of the cast in different companies, making presentations in bs as and neighboring countries (Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil) In the year 2007 he is choreographer and protagonist Amores del tango, (in clear homage to Mariano Mores) written and directed by Cecilia Milone, who after doing season in Mar del Plata, toured the interior of the country, more than a year.
SINCE 2005 He teaches classes, workshops and performances in different cities of America and Europe, as a guest at events and festivals.

Soledad Chaves, Dancer and Tango teacher
She began her training in tango dance in 1998. She graduated from ACETA (Academia de estilos de Tango argentino) where she studied with the old milongueros and the most prestigious dancers.
She began her career teaching as an assistant of Carlos Gavito, and then continued in the most prestigious academies as “Escuela Argentina de Tango”, “Fundación Tango Argentino” and “ Nueva Escuela Argentina de Tango”, as well as teaching seminars in recognized Milongas as “El Beso”, “Porteño y bailarin” and “Niño Bien”.
Champion of the 1st place of Contest Hugo del Carril 2002 and 5ft place in the Metropolitan Championship of BsAs 2007, both in category Tango salon.
As a dancer, she was part of the cast of the prestigious shows “La Manufactura Papelera” and “Cafe Tortoni” in BsAs.
Since 2005 she also has developed his artistic and teaching activity in Europe. In Buenos Aires she is currently a stable teacher of Milonga itinerante, La Veraniega, La Terracita and After Office.

Pablo Fidanza & Constanza Vecslir

March 5th, 2019

Pablo Fidanza & Constanza Vecslir are tango dancers and teachers from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pablo has participated in festivals and tango holidays and given workshops in different cities of Argentina, United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and India. He is the artistic producer of the film Un Tango Más (Our Last Tango), directed by Germán Kral and produced by Wim Wenders. He has organized several milongas in Buenos Aires. For the last three years he has been the organizer of La Bruja Milonga in Club Villa Malcolm.

Constanza has given classes and workshops and participated in tango festivals in Argentina, United States, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Chile and Puerto Rico. For 10 years she was producer of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Tango Championship. Since 2008 she is a full professor of the subject “Tango” at the American University Pepperdine.

Pablo & Constanza dance together since 2018. They give shows and teach in Buenos Aires. Every Saturday they give regular classes at La Bruja Milonga, at Club Villa Malcolm. During the European summer they will make their first tour together, in which they will visit Budapest, Vienna, Copenhagen, Berlin and Munich.

Daniela Pucci und Luis Bianchi

March 3rd, 2015

Luis dances tango since 1994 and Daniela since 1999.They have worked together since 2006.

They teached and performed together throughout the U.S., in Canada, in several countries in Europe, in the Middle East, Brazil and Argentina.

Daniela and Luis are very passionate at teaching and in the past eight years they developed a very impressive curriculum.


Buenos Aires: Bootcamp at DNI Studios (2010), BA Immersion Seminar (offered yearly since 2011)

Festivals: Portland Valentango and Tangofest (2007), Boston Tango de los Muertos (2006), Princeton Tango Festival (2007, 2009, 2011), Festival Keralic (France, 2007, 2010), DC Tango Exchange (2006, 2007), NYC Tango Marathon (2007), Kansas City Stone Soup (2008), Stardust Weekend (Catskills, NY, 2007, 2009), Chicago Tango Week (2008), Toronto Tango Festival(2009, 2011), Festival Prayssac (2009), Festival Puente del Tango (Krakow, Poland, 2009, 2011), Ten Tribu Tango (Modena, Italy, 2009), Tucson Tango Festival (March 2010, March 2012, March 2013), Tango Live Festival (Vancouver, Canada, April 2010), Natural Tango Festival (Denver, October 2010), Albuquerque Tango Festival (October 2010), Los Angeles de Tango Festival (November 2010), Wuppertal Tango Sin Fin (November 2010), Tango Con Sharm Festival (Egypt, November 2011) Biezenmortel Festival (Netherlands, November 2011), Yale Tango Fest (April 2012), Chicago Milonguero Minifestival (April 2012), Kansas City Spring Fling (April 2012), La Rogaia Tango Holidays (September 2012), Dublin Tango Winter Festival (November 2012), Budapest Tango Infusion (December 2012), St Petersburg El Abrazo Festival (December 2012), Tango Touch Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands, May 2013), Phantastango Festival (Germany, July 2013), International Oberfranken Festival (Germany, August 2013), The International Partner Dance Intensive (New York, 2013), Irish Tango Masters Festival (Dublin, Ireland, September 2013), Festivalito de Conil (Spain, 2013), Padova Tango Festival (Italy, July 2014)

Workshops in

United States: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, Chicago, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Mendocino, Palo Alto, Eureka, Raleigh, Western MA, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, Albany, Asheville, Baltimore, Cleveland,
Columbus, Virginia Beach, Purdue University, Denver, Northwest Arkansas, Salt Lake City, Ann Arbor, Houston, New Orleans, El Paso, Hawaii, Buffalo, Rochester, among others.

Canada: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton.

Judita Zapatero und Faustino Blanco

March 3rd, 2015


Judita Zapatero lebt und arbeitet als Tänzerin und Leiterin des Tanzstudios Tango Pop in Stuttgart und Buenos Aires. Als Tangotänzerin (seit 1990) und Choreographin fand sie (gemeinsam mit Enrique Grahl) weltweit Anerkennung und gewann mehrere Preise (Vizeweltmeister in Buenos Aires 2003). Ihre langjährige Erfahrung mit den Elementen der Körperarbeit, des Tanzes und der Kultur des Tango machen sie zu einer didaktisch versierten und gefragten Lehrerin. Judita unterrichtet in deutscher Sprache.

Faustino Blanco hört und liebt Tango seit seiner frühen Kindheit, denn er ist in einer Tanguero-Familie aufgewachsen. Sein Opa war Tangosänger, sein Vater ist Tangosänger, sein Bruder Gitarrist. Ein emotionaler Zugang zur Musik und eine entspannte Verbindung mit dem Partner sind Schwerpunkte in ihrem gemeinsamen Unterricht. Faustino spricht Spanisch und Englisch.

Maria Filali & Daniel Carlsson

October 30th, 2013

Maria Filali

Maria’s career path is grounded in her desire to built bridges between cultures and multiple forms of expression which inspire her. Raised abroad in several countries, she settled down in France at 18. In 1997, she discovered Argentine tango : it soon turned into her favourite mean of expression. Based in Paris, she followed the Christophe Lambert & Judith Elbaz tango cursus for several years, while taking every opportunity to learn with sound tango professionals and maestros in Paris and Buenos Aires.

Since 2000, she was invited to perform in international shows as well as artistic projects (the Gotan Project Tour, La Revancha del Tango, numerous performances with her tango stage partner Jorge Rodriguez, etc.) Apart from stage tango, Maria leads a successful Salon tango teaching and performing career in Europe, where she is recognized as one of the best tango technique teacher. Working with Mazen Kiwan from 2008 to 2010, she was a leading figure in several International Tango Festivals (Festivals of Varsovia, Beirut, Tangocamp 2009 & 2010…)

Along the years, Maria was asked to work with several tango dancers and teachers who seek her elegance, perfect technique and creativity : master-classes with Jean-Sébastien Rampazzi in Paris (2010-2011), dance residence in Buenos Aires with Germán Salvatierra in 2010, performance with Fausto Carpino along the Silencio Orchestra in Lyon in June 2010. She is currently working with Bruno Noël punctually in Paris, and collaborating with Daniel Carlsson (professional master-classes and workshops in France and Danmark).

Maria never missed a chance to allow the tango to meet with contemporary dance, performing arts, movie making, opera.. Her artistic personality is thus revealed by the show Fleur de Cactus (Cie C. Berbessou) in 2002, the Tango Mon Amour Opera (J. Romano / J. Zulueta) or the Tungetango show (P. A. Glovingen) in 2009. She directed the contemporary tango show À l’ombre d’une sieste,… Vertige (with Yannick Laval), and worked as a choreographer and tango dancing coach for the movie industry (e.g. Bellamy by Claude Chabrol, Coco Chanel by Christian Duguay).

In 2011-2012, she was invited to teach by “La Mariposa” (Italy) in which she officially entered as a member of the teaching crew, along with Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa, as well as Mariana Montes.

Daniel Carlsson

Daniel Carlsson is one of the most experienced tango teachers in Scandinavia and has been teaching and dancing tango for 13 years in 9 countires with his base in Öresund. Daniel’s tango is playful and this is something he wants to let others try.


Katarina Zak & Julio Marino

October 30th, 2013

Katerina Zak  (Russia)


Katarina Zak absolvierte eine Ballet Ausbildung in Yekaterinburg, führte dort auch eine Balletschule und unterrichtete Standardtanz in Russland. Sie nahm an zahlreichen Wettbewerben in Russland, Polen, Deutschland und Zypern teil. Seit 2011 tanzt und unterrichtet sie mit Julio Marino Tango Argentino in Europa und Russland. Katerina Zak hat einen eigenen Showroom für Tangobekleidung “dress by Katarina Zak” und veranstaltet Modeschauen in Russland, Europa und Buenos Aires.




Julio Marino (Argentinien)


Julio Marino war von 1997 bis 2000 Mitglied des Tango Ballett “Amanecer Porteno” in Buenos Aires, anschliessend tanzte er u.a. bei “Sensual Tango & Feeling”,  beim “Tango Teatro”, “Patio de Tango”. Während seiner zahlreichen Auslandsaufenthalte mit Tangoshows unterrichtete er in allen bekannten Clubs in Buenos Aires, in den USA, Russland, Finnland, Schweden, Norwegen, Belgien, Deutschland und Holland.




Gisela Natoli y Gustavo Rosas

October 30th, 2013

Gisela and Gustavo are a young couple who make an excellent combination of the Traditional Tango with the new elements (Tango Nuevo).Their versatility and sensuality in combination with the elegance, sympathy and plasticity give them a personal style. They explore different Styles of Tango with their personality.

Gisela Natoli is Master, Coreographer and Dancer of Tango with background in Classical and Modern Dance. She graduated from the Teatro Gral. San Martin (Taller de Danza Contemporanea). She took part as a Dancer in the famous „Contemporary Ballet of San Martin´s Theater“ (Buenos Aires) and later in the Company „Tangokinesis“, managed by Ana Maria Stekelman. She performed within Argentine and abroad (Mexico, Colombia, United States, Canada, Italy, France, Greece, Germany) and in many Tango Festivals.

Gustavo Rosas is Dancer, Coreographer and Master of Argentine Tango. He studied with Gloria and Eduardo, Carlos Gavito, Raul Bravo, Gustavo Naveira, among others. He performed as Argentinian Tango Master in The United States, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Luxemburgo, Holland,etc. He participated as a Dancer of Tango in: the International Congress of Tango Argentino C.I.T.A. (Argentina ), Paris Tango Festival (France), Nora’s Tango Week (USA), Brussels Tango Festival (Belgium), Buenos Aires Tango Festival (Argentine). He was part of the cast of the Tango Shows : ¨Tango Metrópolis¨,¨Tango Historias Breves¨,¨Tangos de la Cábala¨,¨Piazzolla Tango¨.etc. He also took part of the film ¨Vientos the cambio¨ and the TV series for the Spanish and American Television.


Andrea & Jorge

October 28th, 2013

Andrea und Jorge tanzen seit März 2008 zusammen. Sie haben einen Tanzstil entwickelt, der eine Mischung aus Beziehung, Gefühl, Sensibilität, Sanftheit und Leidenschaft für den Tango Argentino mit der Präzision, Technik und Flexibilität des modernen Tanzes darstellt. Ihre Art zu unterrichten beginnt mit dem Verständnis der natürlichen Bewegungen, die sich langsam durch die Musik, die Ästhetik und die Technik in Tanz verwandeln. Die Musikalität ist das wichtigste Element ihres Unterrichtes.

Sabine und Thomas

October 28th, 2013

Sabine und Thomas, bekannt unter den Namen SaTho, haben sich über den Tango kennen und lieben gelernt. Ihr gemeinsamer Weg hat 2006 begonnen. Sowohl im Tango Salón als auch im Tango Nuevo entwickeln sie ihren eigenen Tanz- und Unterrichtsstil leidenschaftllich weiter. Workshops und Auftritte finden sowohl im Inland als auch im Ausland statt.

Ihre Workshops und Kurse in denen sich die beiden optimal ergänzen, sind durch hohes Engagement gekennzeichnet. Ihr Unterricht ist sehr verständlich, klar strukturiert und aufbauend. Alle Bewegungsformen und Figuren können auf die grundlegenden Führungs- bzw. Folgetechniken, die Basics, zurückgeführt und verstanden werden. Die Schüler werden in hohem Maße gefördert die Verbindung zum TanzpartnerIn, die eigene Musikalität, den eigen Stil und die eigene Kreativität zu entwickeln und für die Improvisation nützen zu können.

Seit 2008 betreiben die beiden auch eine eigene Milonga in Wien die durch ausergewöhnlich familiäre Stimmung und kompetente Musikauswahl besticht. Bezüglich der Aneignung und Weitergabe von Wissen um die Hintergründe und die Geschichte des Tangos sowohl als Tanz wie auch als Musik, sind die “SaThos” ebenfalls sehr aktiv.

Sabine hat eine lange Entwicklung in ihrer Auseinandersetzung mit Bewegung hinter sich. Angefangen von ihrer internationalen Karriere im Hochleistungssport (Turmspringen) mit späterer Trainertätigkeit bis zum Formationstanz reichen diese Erfahrungen. Aber erst im Tango hat sie das Richtige gefunden.

Thomas Weg ging von der eigenen Auseinandersetzung mit Tanz und Bewegung über die Pädagogik hin zum therapeutischen Bereich und dann zum Tango. Er hat nach einer Zeit der Schauspielausbildung eine Musicalausbildung gemacht, dann Tanzpädagogik studiert. Weiter ging es mit Tanztherapie und Kunsttherapie sowie Psychotherapie. In diesen Bereichen war und ist er nach wie vor neben dem Tango sowohl in der Behandlung als auch als Ausbilder und Supervisor tätig.