May 5th, 2023

Gran Milonga mit dem Ensemble Hyperion und Sofia Saborido & Pablo Inza


Hyperion Ensemble was formed in 1992 as ensemble interested in contemporary music. From the very beginning, it has been deeply interested to the Piazzolla repertoire and to Tango in general. Hyperion has taken part, during its 30 years of activity in over 1200 shows, festivals and theatres all over Europe, offering a wide repertoire ranging from contemporary Tango to traditional Tango. Since its foundation has collaborated with various renowned bandoneonists such as Luis Stazo, Juan Josè Mosalini, Daniel Binelli, Alfredo Marcucci, Josè Luis Betancor, Victor Villena; the regular bandoneonists in the Ensemble are actually Nicola Maceratesi and Gino Zambelli, while the singers are Argentinians.


After decades of teaching and performing around the globe in the most important tango festivals Pablo and Sofia became an international point of reference in the tango scene.

Their professional path made of back and forth trips between Argentina and the rest of the world as well as their expert point of view about the dance are widely appreciated in the tango communities. Refined pedagogues, performers, choreographs, actors, etc Pablo and Sofia are two accomplished artists who partnered in 2013 creating one of the most renowned couples that Argentin tango presently has.

Eintritt zur Milonga: € 38,-, im Vorverkauf bis 2.11. € 33,-


9.-12. November 2023

9/11/23 Tangobar, Schwarzspanierstrasse 13, Wien, 19:30 – 21:00h

Tiny and rhythmical. Practice useful small patterns that will fit in all those moments when the music asks you to go fast.

10/11/23 18:00 -19:30h Tangohütte, Fockygasse 29-31, 1120 Wien

Pivoting. Different ways and possibilities using the pivot. Not your average 8 class. Pivots for leaders and followers.

19:30 – 21:00h Leg wraps and barridas:  let’s explore the dialogue through the contact of the free legs! 

11/11/23 15:00 – 16:30hTangohütte, Fockygasse 29-31, 1120 Wien

Qualities of movement: the suspension. Add texture to your dance, revisiting the way you perform your moves.

12/11/23 15:00 – 16:30h Tangohütte, Fockygasse 29-31, 1120 Wien

Exploring Pivots & Crosses. How to use and mix them to create new possibilities. Possibilities using the pivot. Micro-pivot, pivot and over-pivot. Crosses for both roles.

 € 25,- per person and workshop

Reservation for workshops and private lessons: tango@tangobar.at

1.6. Intense Workshop “BOLEOS” mit Salome & Duddy David Mancini

April 8th, 2023



This intense workshop offers a complete exploration of the topic.

How both bodies interact, how cause and effect compenetrate each other. Both leaders and followers will be led through a technique session in the first part of the experience where they will improve the aesthetics and the efficiency of the movement, then they will be ready to lead and follow all the boleos offered in the second part of the experience. Various linear and circular boleos will be presented.

Duddie & Salome

The reunion of the French and Italian styles: elegance, musicality, symbiosis and a wide range of flavours! They like to play on contrasts, switch energies together and use their movements to draw the music. Their dance takes you on an emotional journey through old funny songs all the way to rhythm, without forgetting the drama!