11.8. Live music mit Fabrizio Mocata


Pianist, composer, Sicilian and citizen of the world, Fabrizio is widely recognized as one of the most innovative and promising talents of the international Tango scene thanks to his ability to combine authenticity, classical training and refined jazz influence. His sunny and original Tango has become a recurrent highlight of all the major Tango festivals (Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Granada, Medellin) where he shared the stage with several of the living greats of the genre.


This class is dedicated to dancers of all levels. The pianist Fabrizio Mocata will explain to you some secrets of Tango music. We will talk about different “eras” and styles of the Tango Orquestas, and we will understand what is beyond Tango music. The point of view of a musician and composer will guide the dancers to discover how the creative process happens. This is a starting point to dance “inside” the music, being able to interpret correctly what the music suggests.

This workshop is free for milonga guests!

Milonga € 18,-